Just Mobile Announces AluPen Twist and HoverPad

Just Mobile has announced a pair of new products, the AluPen Twist, and the HoverPad. This isn’t the first Stylus from Just Mobile, they are the makers of the original (and award winning) AluPen. as well as a full line of accessories and peripherals for your Mac, iPad and iPhone. Their full line of products can be found at the Just Mobile website

AluPen Twist 1

The AluPen Twist™,is a Stylus/Pen hybrid aimed at the higher end stylus market. As the name suggests, the AluPen twist is made of aluminum and you can twist the body to reveal a Ballpoint pen. The overall design seems like it is quite ergonomic, providing smooth contours and a tapered tip. The ballpoint pen itself is user replaceable, meaning that once you run out of ink, you can just change the cartridge in lieu of replacing the entire pen. I am curious to see if other cartridges will fit as well so you can customize the feel. If we get a review sample in, I will definitely check this out. You can get it now from Just Mobile for $39.95

HoverPad 1

Just Mobile also announced the HoverPad™, a mousepad that is designed for use with optical mice. The Hoverpad is well designed, with beveled edges and a textured surface and a non-slip backing to make sure the HoverPad stays in place while in use. You can get it from Just Mobile now for $29.95