Koala Tablet Mount by Dockem

Dockem came out with a simple but effective idea – making a dock that will hold your tablet and allow you to clip a charging cable to it and hide your smartcover in the top slot. There are thousands of uses for this type of mount. From the kitchen for cooking, the home gym for videos or exercise guides, the garage for working on cars, to the bedroom for simply watching movies or browsing hands-free. They call it the Koala Tablet Mount.



Dockem Koala Mount

Made up of a two-piece plastic design, the Koala Tablet Mount is essentially a “cradle” that you stick to a surface (after cleaning with the included alcohol wipes) and you’re done. If you ever choose to remove the Koala Mount, you can simply pull the 3M patented removal tabs to cleanly and safely remove the pieces from the wall or surface you attached to. This also means that moving the mount to a new location will require two more 3M mounting strips, however.

Dockem Koala Mount

The overall aesthetics on our review unit were clean and modern looking. The plastic is smooth and colored somewhat like metal with a medium shine. They fit in well when stuck to the wall above a night-stand for charging and alarm clock functionality. After this was established, we gave the cord slot a go. Simple and easy, it didn’t grab the cord too tight nor did it require an excessive amount of force to press the cord into the “clamp” that held it. This is a really nice feature for nighttime charging or use, no more fishing for the cable that fell down into the darkness.


Dockem Koala Mount

One thing the Dockem did very well was the installation procedure. After wiping down the wall and removing the adhesive backing, all we had to do was press and let the mounting pieces set for 30 seconds. Wait one hour and done! The iPad sat nicely in it’s new cradle. Although the pamphlet did not list the iPad Mini, it fits just fine. One quick tip that Dockem also suggests: Download a free bubble level app so that you can ensure an even alignment when first pressing the tabs against the wall and a good fit for the tablet as far as spacing. The app used in our installation was the free Dual Level. The installation was simple, however if you need instructions you can find them on the Dockem site here. Still not convinced? You can check out their strength tests here. Just as a heads up, extreme temperatures may hinder it’s function as well as the following:

  • wallpaper
  • ceramics
  • painted walls
  • refrigerators
  • textured walls

You may also want to perform the test listed in the above strength test link just to make sure you have a good strong bond before setting your tablet up on such a high mount.

Dockem Koala Mount

t3chniq verdict: BUY | If you’re looking for a very simple fixed-mount option that offers clean removal and currently Buy-2-get-1-free sale