Mari0: The most fun you can have this weekend

Not too long ago a new version of Mario appeared called Mari0.  The concept is quite simple.  Mario with portals!  The end result is even more amazing than I ever thought possible.  Intrigued?  Hit the link below to read my review.

Do do do, do do do!  That’s right, it will be hard to not start humming the Mario theme song once you start playing this game.  My set up was a computer running Windows 7 hooked up to a TV with xbox controllers.

The game play is similar to normal Mario, but with some differences.  If you play single player and don’t use portals than it really is just Mario, but that is no fun.  You can use portals to find creative ways to kill your enemies, or just get past rather annoying ones – Like the hammer brothers.  By yourself, the game can be fun for a short period of time before you decided you have had enough of it for one day.  But that is really not how the game is meant to be played.

This game is meant for 4 people to battle each other in a Mario world with Mario enemies.  Technically, your task is to get to the flag at the end of each level – or kill Bowser if you are in a castle.  After spending the better part of a day playing this game with several friends, having an all out battle is way more fun!

When playing with more than one person, the camera follows the player in the lead and if others die, they will respawn on the leader (which is a real pain when the leader is mid jump over a hole when you respawn – to your death).

The game also offers downloadable content level packs.  The author has a portal level pack which is full of portal tests for you to complete.  These were a blast – complete with weighted storage cubes, lasers, light bridges, and the speed and bounce gel.  There are also user made level packs available but I would not really recommend playing them unless you don’t plan on remembering your night.

Honestly, that is about it.  The only annoyance I found is that the game can only be started by a keyboard, and the menu can only be navigated by a keyboard.  Small price to pay for the amount of entertainment you get.  Oh yeah – did I mention it is FREE!??

Hopefully right now you are asking yourself if you should download and play this game.  The answer is YES!  It is the most fun you and 3 or more people can have this weekend.  Don’t believe me?  Call up three friends and prove me wrong – I dare you.