Mega Man VS Megamarathon Raises Money for Child Play

I love watching people raise money for charity while playing fantastic video games! 4 teams have formed, TripleSpeedRunners, Ocean City Trinity, Bonus Stage Marathons, and Team Brocket Gaming to see who can complete 24 Megaman games the fastest in 72 hours. Series being played include classic Mega Man series, Mega Man X and even the widely loved Mega Man Legends games! The group has raised over $1574 out of the $2000 bucks they are attempting as of right now, so it looks like the goal will be shattered quite quickly. The group is donating to Child’s Play, a charity that provides kids in hospitals with video games and toys and raised more than $3.5 million last year in 2011.

You can watch all 4 steams simultaneously at or individually if you want as well. I will be chipping in some money for the cause and would love to see you guys do the same! Keep up the great work guys!