Near-Final Wii U Tablet Controller Picture Leaked, Analyzed

New Hotness

Haven’t had the time to get this article up yet but wanted you guys to check it out and better late than never I say! Last weekend a picture was tweeted out by a formal TellTale Games employee, developers of Lego City Heroes for the new system, of a much different controller than we saw last year. As you can see from the picture above and below, there are quite a few differences that are very newsworthy about the picture. Lets take a look!

Old and Busted

The first thing you may notice is that the new controller is now sporting full analog sticks compared to the Circle Pads we saw last year on the prototype model. This is a huge sigh of relief for me because the Circle Pad is great for a portable system like the 3DS but we have used analog sticks for the past 15 years now and there was no reason to change that. This also might lead to the rumors that clickable sticks like L3 and R3 will be featured in the controller to make the games much more portable for third parties. It also looks like the sticks were moved more towards the sides of the controller now too to help give a better grip when being used.

The + and – buttons seemed to be moved over to the right side as well for easier thumb acesss for menus and as well as the D-Pad and face buttons have been angled from the thumbsticks too. Its hard to say but it looks like the controller is slightly wider to accommodate the new stick placement and we can also see two new mysterious white squares have appeared too. While we don’t know what they do yet, one rumor is that the one on the left is for the Near Field Communication (NFC) sensor so that you can put items and cards near the sensor to interact with the console a la Skylanders. The other square at the bottom is still a mystery but I have read that it could be as simple as a system sync button to being a vitality sensor much like the one Nintendo was developing for the original Wii. The last thing I noticed was the Wii U branding at the bottom, which is more evidence to the fact that the Wii U name is final and not subject to change.

Overall pretty cool and exciting. t3cbniq will give hands on impressions and videos of the new system in less than 2 weeks at E3 2012. Come back and check out what we think of the new system then!

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