Nike Releases Fuelband API – Lose It! Already Adopts

Nike has released their Fuelband API late last week, something that people have been asking for since the release of the device. This is great news!

Not only does that mean that people might finally be able to figure out what all those fuel points equal up to, but it also means that your favorite fitness app will be able to add the device to their collection as well. Leading the pack is the popular weight loss/exercise tracking app Lose It! which has already added the option for you to add the device to your mobile phone and to their online site. Each time you sync your device it will take the data as exercise points and update accordingly. You can find out more on how to sync your device and how it affects the app over at the Lose It! blog. Here’s to hoping that even more apps will add the Nike Fuelband API to their arsenal!

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