UPDATED:Nintendo 3DS XL Confirmed, Launches July 28th in Japan and August 19th for US for $199.99

Nintendo announced tonight during their Nintendo Direct presentation what has been rumored for a while now, that a second revision of the system would be coming out soon. Nintendo confirmed the Nintendo 3DS XL, a larger screen version of its handheld system, boasting a 4.88 inch top screen and a larger 4.14 inch bottom screen. The new system will be hitting US shores August 19th, perfectly in time for New Super Mario Bros 2 which launches the same day.

Available August 19th for $199. Wish we got white though.

The system is sporting a rounded design, a larger battery and will not be shipping with an AC adapter to cut costs down according to Nintendo. The AC adapter is the same that is included with the current 3DS model, DSi and DSi XL and will be sold separately if needed. While silly that it’s not included, the original 3DS will be sold concurrently with the new model so gamers will have the choice if the AC adapter is a big deal. The biggest disappointment? North America is not getting the gorgeous white unit in the header image. Also, there will be no second analog stick built in which will inevitably lead to a circle pad pro 2 to come out. Silly Nintendo.

t3chniq will have an updated hands on with the system come August 19th. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: News is still trickling out and apparently the US system WILL be coming with the AC adapter afterall. The European and Japan systems will still be without AC adapter though.