Nintendo Offers New Mario Bros 2 as Retail/Digital Release, No Wii U Price Announcement at E3

Nintendo announced tonight details on how they are looking to push the boundary more in the online space. Nintendo just recently announced New Super Bros 2 for the 3DS this August and is starting to pull back the curtain on more details about the game, namely that the game will be available in retail stores but also as an option to purchase and download straight to your SD card. Retailers will have full rights to sell the digital version of the game and will be open to setting the price to their liking, including price drops and sales when applicable. Nintendo also noted that the Wii U will also be jumping into this foray with offering launch titles as fully digital purchases too.

Nintendo also announced that pricing information will not be announced at E3 in June. While disappointing to some, Nintendo has been known to not share launch dates or pricing usually at their E3 presentations, opting to offer these details at a later conference usually around September. As soon as we know details, we will be sure to post them here.