Nomad Announces the NomadClip Carabiner

Nomad, the maker of the NomadKey (née ChargeKey) that we love, has announced a new product called the NomadClip. They have also redesigned their website and rebranded all of their products to include the Nomad moniker, the naming is as follows: NomadClip, NomadKey & NomadCard which are shaped like a carabiner, house key & credit card respectively. To celebrate, they are giving t3chniq readers 25% off use the code “LIVESIMPLE” for the next week.

NomadClip-Lightning-MacBookat50ScaleNomadClip-Lightning-MacBookat50ScaleThe NomadClip is really awesome looking, it combines a carabiner with a lightning (MFI Certified) or micro-USB cable, which means you’ll never go without a charging cable again. All of their products are up for pre-sale retailing for $39 for the NomadClip and $29 for everything else, regardless of cable type. Shipping to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia is free, and $5 flat rate shipping is available to anywhere else in the world.