Pebble Smartwatch Sold Out

Well, the headline says it all, the immensely popular Kickstarter project is completely sold out after 85000 pre-orders and raising a remarkable, and Kickstarter record, 10 million dollars. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pebble, it is a nicely designed smartwatch with an E-Paper watch-face.

What is a smartwatch exactly? Well, basically a smartwatch is a watch that interfaces with your smartphone. The basic functions of most smartwatches are pretty impressive alone: music control, caller ID, and email and SMS viewing. The smartwatch concept has been around for a while, in fact, the Pebble isn’t even the first product from this group. Prior to Pebble, the same group of people put out the inPulse smartwatch for the Blackberry crowd.

So if this has been done before, why is the Pebble so successful? What makes the Pebble different than other smartwatches is the fact that it has an entire SDK available to make your own apps, watch-faces, etc. Once everything is up and running, there will be a store that will let you buy different apps and upload then directly to your Pebble via Bluetooth. The Pebble will also be able to have new features added in the future in the same manner, a simple Bluetooth upload.  Pebble also has support for some extremely popular apps, such as Runkeeper and ifft. The Runkeeper integration is pretty badass, working together with the app on your phone to display some stats like average speed and pace.

I’m in as a backer and can’t wait to get one, and we’ll get a review up as soon as it arrives (sometime in September). While sold-out on Kickstarter, you can still get some more details at Pebble’s website where they will eventually put the Pebble up for sale once all 85000 Kickstarter orders are out in the wild.

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