PlayStation 4 Officially Revealed


Is it Christmas yet?


Holy. Hell.

Sony just dropped the bombshell we all expected to drop tonight as they officially took of the covers on the PlayStation 4 and confirmed it to be coming out this holiday season. Sony showed off a lot of new first party games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son and an interesting new platformer called Knack. Third party studios also brought some big guns as well. Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs again, a game that blew everyone away back at E3 2012, and confirmed it to be PS4 title and rumored to be out his holiday season with the system. Launch title?

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killzone shadow fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall running real-time on PlayStation 4

We got to see some of the specs for the machine as well as some of the new changes to the OS. Some of the biggest differences is that the console never shuts down 100%, rather when you press the power off, the system retains all the information onto the system memory and will instantly boot up back to the spot you left at when you go to play it again. Another awesome feature shown is with the new share button on the controller. By pressing the button, you instantly start streaming whatever game you are playing to your friends list where people can watch, comment and share ideas while you play. You can even go as far to remotely play your friends game if they are stuck and want to be helped. All this is backed by Gaikai’s very impressive streaming service, a company that Sony purchased last year with full intent to be implemented into the PS4.

Streaming PS4 Games

Watch, comment and share game moments with your friends. I love this.


As expected, Sony showed off its new designed DualShock 4 controller but curiously enough did not show what the console itself looks like. They do want to save some secrets for the rest of the year of course, so it will be interesting to see what that will look like. The design of the console, the price and release date are most likely to be shared at E3 this year, so keep a look out around June for that.

DualShock 4

Meet the DualShock 4

The press event was over 2 hours long and I will be going through and putting as much up on the site as I can over the next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled to the site for my thoughts of the game announcements, trailers and what some of the new features means to the gaming industry! 2013 is already off to an exciting start, but there’s only thing left to say.

Your move Microsoft.


Source Pic: Game Informer, IGN, Kotaku