Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced for Nintendo 3DS, Worldwide Launch October 2013



Nintendo announced this morning worldwide plans to launch the 6th Generation Pokemon title this coming October. Introducing 3D environments for the first time since its first release back in 1996, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are set to revolutionize the way the series will look from hereon out.

Check out the first trailer after the break!

I remember back in 1999 a conversation I had with my friend Justin about where the series would go in the future.

Justin: “You know what would be really cool Kraig? A full fledged 3D Pokemon game that looks just like the show!”

Kraig: “That would be so amazing! I can imagine that on whatever system will come out after the Nintendo 64 for sure!”

Justin: “I don’t think we will have to wait that long Kraig. I am sure they are working on some kind of 3D sequel to Red and Blue right now!”

Kraig: “Maybe you are right….whenever it comes I can’t wait to see it!”

Well Justin, it looks like our dreams have finally come true, it only took 14 years and 3 portable generations later. Check the first trailer out below.