Rayman Legends Announcement Leaked Early, Wii U Version Confirmed

Cats out of the bag now! After Ubisoft registered a domain name for Rayman Legends a couple weeks back, a video has surfaced today confirming it’s existance. Not only that, a Wii U version has been confirmed as well, showing off it’s NFC (near field communication) by having statues placed on the screen and entering into the game. The video also shows off a newer version of the controller, with newer ports and a mysterious black bar on the backside which some are rumoring to be a rear facing camera or something IR related.

The trailer also confirmed the one piece of news everyone was hoping for: online play. Rayman Origin’s could only be played in local multiplayer, so this is very welcome news to hear. Also confirmed are new characters, more”epic” envioronments and social game levels.

With a Wii U version confirmed, its likely the game will be out later this year. I personally can’t wait for this one.