Redbox Instant By Verizon First Impressions

So I just got my beta invite to the newest streaming service on the block, Redbox Instant by Verizon (hereby referred to as Redbox Instant in all further t3chniq posts), and my initial impression of the service is that it may just end up being the great hybrid system I have long been searching for. For starters, the service costs just $8 which is on par with Hulu Plus (boo, ads!) and the web-streaming only portion of Netflix.

Redbox InstantRedbox Instant surpasses both of these services by offering 4 nights of rentals from a Redbox (be it 4 nights with the same movie, or four 1-night rentals, or any combo) along with their web streaming catalog. Not only that, but in the Redbox apps for iPhone/iPad/Android, etc. you can actually download and store the movies locally (a real game-changer for those traveling or without an unlimited data plan). After briefly browsing their catalog, I would certainly rate it as competitive, they even offer EPIX programming, for those who can’t already access this. One potential drawback with Redbox Instant is that although you can go get a DVD, Redbox’s catalog (as in physical kiosk inventory) is pretty much limited to new releases, so it doesn’t look like you will be able to dive as deeply as you might be able to on Netflix. Overall though, the whole setup seems nice, I’ll go more in depth after I go a month with it.