Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 6 Review

Waiting in line overnight for the new iPhone has become a tradition around these parts, and along with that is the last minute realization that I have no case for my new device. As with last year, I immediately shell out way too much money to Apple for a case that I may or may not really want. The Silicone case come in 6 colors, I chose the blue version. As with last year, I was initially not a fan of the case, but it has grown on me, and I may just keep it around.


The iPhone 6 Silicone case (and its leather counterpart) is a really nice case. With the iPhone 6 Apple moved the Sleep/Wake button to the side of the device, leaving the top completely empty, and allowing for a clean nesting point for any case. Apple capitalized on this making the case curve around to the front of the device, with only the bottom not fully encompassed in the case.
Cutout Detail
The case itself is (as seemingly expected) pretty straightforward. There is the aforementioned cutout along the bottom to allow for access to the headphone jack and lightning ports. Along the left side are molded-in volume buttons, and a perfectly sized cutout for the mute switch; on the right is another great molded-in button for access to the Sleep/Wake button.
Camera Cutout Detail
On the back of the case is a camera cutout that is lined with a black plastic rim, which helps make the cutout rigid, and adds a nice bit of contrast. Also on the back is an embossed Apple logo, making sure that everyone around knows you have an iPhone, in true Apple fashion. If there is one gripe I have with this case (and probably any case for this phone) is that the case completely impedes swiping along the edge of the screen. With the iPhone 6, the edges of the front glass are curved, but the edges of the case block this.

Build Quality/ Protection

As one may expect from Apple, the build quality of this case is great. Every molded button is perfectly placed and raised to exactly the right height, the Sleep-wake cutout is perfectly sized, and the camera lens is perfectly aligned inside its slot. The case itself has a great hand-feel. The silicone feels more like a nice soft-touch rubber than silicone. It is grippy, but pocketable, and the inside is covered in a great microfiber lining.
Inner Lining
From a protection standpoint, this case is sure to be adequate for most people. If you want to avoid minor dings and dents from everyday use, this case will certainly fit your needs. If you are looking for hardcore drop protection, then one of Otterbox or Lifeproofs case offerings may be better suited for you.


As with last year, I have found myself liking Apples case offering more than I thought I would. While initially not truly a fan, I have come around due to the overall quality of the case. The Apple Silicone case for the 6 and 6 plus can be purchased on or at your local Apple Store for $35.

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