Catch Case By STM For IPhone 5/5s

As a frequent traveler, I’m always looking for ways to optimize what I have to bring with me. Whether it’s packing only exactly what I need for an overnight business trip, or bringing only what I can carry in my pockets when going downtown. There seems to be a couple of strategies around this: you can either carry less stuff or bring things that carry more. The catch case for the Apple iPhone 5/5s is a clever way to do both. We got a chance to take a look at this case by STM and here’s what we thought.


Catch adds the utility of a wallet to the structure of the case. There are two card slots in the back that are able to hold one card each as well as cutouts for the camera and lock button.DSC_3729_admin_i5s_largeCatch consists of a flexible and “softer” main body of TPU to provide both protection and the flex needed to remove your cards from the slots. There is also a layer of polycarbonate along the sides to provide more protection and rigidity. The generous standoff on the front of the case helps to protect your screen as well.DSC_3727_admin_i5s_largeWhen there are no cards in the case, it has a sleek silhouette. However, once the cards are put in, the case no longer lies flat and that can be an issue for those who are looking for a more elegant solution.

Build Quality/Protection

Unlike some cases, catch has covered the power and volume buttons and they work pretty well. I haven’t had any issues with the buttons not compressing or getting jammed.
From a protection point of view, the case has been able to handle the small drops and bounces from day to day handling without any damage. The bezel on the front has prevented any additional scratches to my screen ( I say additional because I already have a generous scratch from a previous altercation between my keys and phone in the classic pocket battle). As added protection, they give both front and back film screen protector films. The back film is to prevent against any scratches caused by the insertion and removal of your cards.STM ISOHaving used this case extensively over the past couple of weeks, I have come to observe some of the quirks associated with the wallet feature on the case. The case comfortably holds two cards, but I have noticed that sometimes it can be quite difficult to remove the inside card. This can be frustrating when you need to quickly pull out the inside card and are left fumbling. This issue can be avoided by not pushing in the inside card all the way, but sometimes, just putting the phone in your pocket is enough to push it down all the way.
The other issue I have run in to when using this case is the direction you have to put the phone in your pocket. Due to the way your cards stick out of the case, they catch on your pocket if you put your iPhone in upside down. This is only an issue for those of you keep their phone in their pocket when listening using their headphones.


Overall, I enjoy the catch case by STM and continue to use it for its convenience and overall utility. Despite some of the issues I discussed earlier, it’s hard to argue that the added card holding features don’t outweigh some of the quirks and at $35, it is a good value. The catch case can be purchased from STM through their partners Mori Luggage & Gift and RADTECH.

Great build quality, utility/function, protection, and a screen protector is included
Bulkiness when holding cards

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