Finite SmartShell “Cheap” Case for the iPad Air

Having reviewed so many cases over the course of time, I’ve come to find that price doesn’t always reflect quality. In the past, there have been very cheap cases that have rivaled some of our most expensive review cases; enough so that I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity of a single-task well functioning case rather than one that tries to do multiple things poorly.
Finite SmartShell Folded
Having recently acquired an iPad Air, I immediately thought “Why not buy a cheap useable case for the immediate time being, and then upgrade to a quality case soon after?”. So, to where else but to grab a cheap prime-shipped iPad Air case. In comes the Finite Smartshell case. It’s a simple, solid shell case with a built-in “Smart Cover” style front. Initially I thought the permanently-attached cover would be an issue. Luckily, having a permanently attached cover with a case creates an extra feature rather than a problem, but more on that later.
Finite SmartShell Closed
The Finite Smartshell offers a surprisingly sturdy build. The faux-leather cover features a felt backing as well as magnets for sleep-mode as well as binding-side magnets. This means that when you form the triangular shaped feature, it holds together with the magnets. No more having the triangle fall apart when moving the iPad or re-adjusting. This brings me to the previously mentioned feature. Because the cover can’t be removed, you can form the triangle and then hold the iPad up by placing your hand behind it. I discovered this while presenting something to Brandon.
Finite SmartShell Hold
The cover also holds itself closed as well thanks to the magnets. Installing the case is literally a snap, popping it onto the iPad is infinitely easy while removing it can take a slight effort. I’ve been using it for about a week without any issues, while watching the World Cup at my desk and surfing. In fact, I’m using it right now to write this post. For the price, currently $11.99 with Prime Shipping, I’d say you can’t go wrong. The quality of this case is in it’s simplicity and how well it does those tasks. It doesn’t pretend to offer 10 features, nor does it carry a price tag as such. This is definitely recommended as a buy even if just as a temporary case.
Finite SmartShell Back

Pros: Cheap, Multiple Colors, Durable, Magnetic "Tri-Fold", Sleep Magnet
Cons: Can be slightly difficult to remove iPad

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