Nomad ChargeKey Review

We get quite a lot of mobile accessories to check out here at t3chniq, but one thing we don’t see a lot of innovation in is charging cables. Nomad is looking to change that with the ChargeKey. For those of you unfamiliar with NOMAD, they are a company built around a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their first product was the ChargeCard, a simple and lightweight charging cable built into the shape of a credit card. Their follow-up product is the ChargeKey, a simple and tiny lightning cable (it also comes in MicroUSB) built into a key-sized package. How is the ChargeKey? Read on to find out.

First things first, the ChargeKey just works. Seriously, its job is to charge my phone, and it does it. It also does it with authorization and MFI certification, so no pesky unauthorized message. In that regard, the ChargeKey is already a winner. Now, on to the nuances that make this an amazing product.


ChargeKey on Keys

The ChargeKey is made of a mix of two materials, a hard plastic which surrounds all connectors and even makes up the loop that goes on to your keychain, and a flexible Silicone material for the inner pieces, so you can reposition your device. Admittedly you can’t really move all that far with the ChargeKey (by design) since the entire cable is only 2 inches (5cm) long, but if you want a longer cable, you aren’t the market for the ChargeKey. So far the ChargeKey seems rugged enough, but only time will tell.

ChargeKey In Use

I tend to keep an embarrassingly large amount of portable battery packs with me when I am out and about, between review items and just the need for more power, I have at any given time at least 3 different battery packs. What this also means is that the remainder of my bag has to be packed neatly and tidily or else capacity drops to next to nothing. A typical lightning cable is 1 meter (around 3ft) long, and I just don’t need that much cable. My setup prior to trying out the ChargeKey was a mix between a Spixi and some generic 3-in-1 cable that is about 6 inches long that I got from CES 2013. Both of these options need a MicroUSB to Lightning adapter, which is a cumbersome setup. The ChargeKey takes up no space in my bag (since it’s on my keychain) so that frees up almost an entire pocket for me to shamefully fill with more gizmos.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about the ChargeKey, and I think everyone should grab one. They’re currently backordered, but when back on sale, you can grab one for $29 from Nomad. Nomad will even let you barter for one, good luck.

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