Quick Review: Truffol Autograph Leather Skin for iPhone 5/5s

In the inaugural t3chniq quick review, I have the Autograph Leather skin from Truffol. As the name suggests, the Autograph is a leather skin that you apply to the back of your iPhone 5/5s (the autograph is also available for the Galaxy S4).  The skin is a mere 0.6mm thick, which means you get an incredibly thin backing, but unfortunately none of the suppleness of the leather. The resulting texture is closer to a textured plastic rather than leather.  The thinness of the Autograph means that this is a nice, pocketable addition to the phone. The Autograph allows you to forget about scuffing the back of your phone when you put it down on a surface, yet still use your device essentially unencumbered by a case. The adhesive used is very strong, yet allows for a clean removal/reinstall if needed. Unfortunately, when you first install the Autograph the edges are pronounced, but that goes away in a few days. Overall the Autograph is an unobtrusive, decent looking adhesive backing for your iPhone. If that’s your sort of thing,  you can get one for $18 (with free embossing) from the truffol website.

truffol Autograph iPhone Lower Corner


Pros: Quick installation, minimalist, protects phone from scuffing
Cons: Leather not supple

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