Review: Naztech Power Case for iPhone 5s & 5

We here at t3chniq have reviewed quite a few battery packs and battery cases, but with so many different ones on the market there are plenty more we have yet to test out. Today we are going to take a look at the Naztech Power Case for iPhone 5s & 5 (Model:NP2400i5). This case is advertised to “nearly double the usage time of your smartphone.” Read on to see if this case lives up to its claims.



The Power Case looks strikingly similar to another case we’ve reviewed in the past, the CasePower PowerCase. Just like the CasePower case, the Naztech has a simple two-piece design. The back, battery portion connects to the iPhone with an integrated lighting connector. There is a large cutout for the camera, but it needlessly extends across the entire back. A microUSB port is provided on the right side to charge the PowerCase and the iPhone at the same time. A kickstand is included on the back but it seems really cheap and I wouldn’t trust it to hold up a phone without breaking after a relatively short period of time. Also on the back part are 4 LEDs which serve as a charge indicator and button to check the charge level as well as turn on the case.


The front piece of the case is a plastic frame snaps into the back. One of the major features of the Naztech is that it includes 3 different colored front frames; white, blue and red, so you can change the style when you feel like it. The plastic frames are advertised as being ‘Non-slip’ but the edge is the same hard plastic as the rest of the case with a little bit of texture. Personally I would not classify this as being ‘Non-slip.’ A cutout in the frame is provided for access to the mute switch and raised buttons are provided for the volume and sleep/wake buttons. There is also a cutout for the headphone jack and because the cutout is relatively deep and narrow, Naztech provides an adaptor so you can use any 3.5mm plug easily so long as you have the jack extender with you.


Build Quality/Performance

When your spending almost $100 on a phone case, you expect a sturdy case that provides a fair amount of protection and then adds the extra features such as a battery pack. Sadly that is not the case here. When you hold the case in your hand, the feel is cheap. The plastic has that certain flex and creaking that I’d expect out of a case I’d buy at Five Below, not something that retails for $90. Also as I mentioned above, the kickstand is quite flimsy. If using the kickstand, I do not recommend touching the screen or playing with the phone. While it did not break in my limited use so far, I do not expect it would withstand much pressure without breaking in a short period of time.


Now the main selling point of the case is that it can ‘nearly double the usage time of your Smartphone.’ I will say that this case does have enough power to charge an iPhone 5 from 0% to 100% with some minimal use so that claim is true. Now having said that, I’m still not impressed considering the listed capacity on the case and packaging is 2400mAh. An iPhone 5 has a battery capacity of approx. 1440mAh so doing some simple arithmetic it seems like only 60% of the power in the power case actually makes it to the iPhone. I figure that the battery capacity is not the stated 2400mAh or the charging circuit is just terribly inefficient, either of which is pretty disappointing for a case at this price point.



So at the end of the day, the big question is ‘should you buy this case?’ The short answer: No. I understand that certain tradeoffs must be made, but the PowerCase doesn’t excel at battery performance or strength as a durable phone case so I’m not entirely sure where Naztech’s main priority was with this case. With every case company wanting a share of the mobile power market and releasing their own battery case these days, there are plenty of better options out there and the Naztech Power Case falls short of the competition.




Pros: Simple design, multiple colored trim
Cons: Poor charge efficiency, lose access to lightning port, somewhat flimsy/cheap feeling, price

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