Ridiculous App of the Day – Happy Poo


Todays ridiculous app of the day comes from the Amazon Appstore. If the name doesn’t suggest it enough “Happy Poo” is a pretty
sh**ty game.

The game consists of one important task: rubbing your finger over the screen to shine a turd. Yes, that’s right, you spend all your time making your feces friend shiny and happy. Why, you ask? We don’t know. Heck, I don’t even think the developers know. Just in case you’re thinking of checking it out, we’ll tell you it’s free. You can grab it in the Amazon Appstore here. We didn’t want to say it, but, this is probably the most appropriate game you can play when you’re taking some “secondary time” in the bathroom. Yeah, that’s the best we’ve got for this one. So, for today’s ridiculous app of the day thank Retro Dreamer for their crappy “Happy Poo” game available for Android.