Seeing the Game Through a Different Lens – A Gunnar Optiks Review

Gunnar Setup

For some of us glasses are a part of our daily lives; we put them on as needed and wear them without a second thought, no longer amazed by the immediate enhancement to our vision and the quality of life improvement. For those of us that do not wear glasses or contacts, vision and eye care in general can often take a back seat to other areas of our health and well being. There are a myriad of things we do on a daily basis to improve ourselves and keep our body and mind as youthful and strong as we can, all in an effort to keep that quality of life as high as possible for as long as we remain alive. The same effort then should be taken in preserving our vision and keeping it sharp and focused, even more so today then in the past because we are all looking at digital screens or monitors all the time. Whether it be a TV, mobile device, computer monitor, or tablet, you name it and we are using it all the time for work and in our free time. Why not then come back to glasses, and the benefits they provide so many, as a starting point for making all of our lives a little better.

Perhaps it is this thought process that inspires the fine people at Gunnar Optiks, or maybe it is just the massive and rising popularity of video games and E-Sports…who is to say. Either way Gunnar have created an innovative and sexy product in their line of “Advanced Computer Eyewear” or as we called them earlier, glasses. The goal and intent of these special Gunnar glasses is simple and follows with the theme from earlier, improving quality of life and perhaps even peace of mind. Basically our eyes were never meant to deal with all of the digital input that we are receiving on a daily basis and to combat all this extra strain we need help.

Since purchasing my Gunnar PPK gaming focused eyewear in early March I have already come to the realization that I cannot go back to gaming of any kind without them. My initial reaction to using the Gunnars was one of surprise, and to be quite honest amazement at how quickly my visual experience benefited while using my PPK’s. I went into the purchase skeptical that these silly yellow tinted lenses could be of any meaningful impact to a night of competitive online gaming, or for a sit down with friends for a more relaxed WiiU session. At first glance it appears to be something that would not be necessary, again our eyes are not something we typically focus on (no pun intended) when we consider our health or well being; yet after using them for over a month now, I feel it is safe to say that perhaps we all need to put more time and effort into our eye health.

Gunnar PPK Front View

The gaming Gunnars in particular are special because they form to your head and allow you to use them with any gaming headset so you don’t have to change the experience you are used to. Not only does the frame fit comfortably with the headset, it also wraps around your entire vision in a way that provides great protection and feels natural. The lenses though are where the real magic happens. The yellow tinted lenses remove a lot of the unnatural light coming from our monitors and phone screens which allows our eyes to focus and more naturally increase the contrast of what we are seeing. They also help focus light, so that your eyes don’t have to do as much work; an effect with the add bonus of deccreasing dry-eye and other similar symptoms. The special “i-FI” coating also greatly reduces glare from other light sources and helps the lenses maintain their effectiveness for an extended period of time. There is also a cleaner available for sale on the Gunnar website called i-Amp (seen in first picture) that allows you to further increase the lifespan of the lenses by utilizing the i-FI technology.

Gunnar offers a solution that not only works, but allows you to set it and forget it. Simply put the glasses on and let them do all the extra work for your eyes. It allows you keep more attention on the task at hand, whether that be a game, movie, project at work or even just taking in the sights on a stroll through the city. Gunnar offers frames and lenses for all types of users, whether it be gaming or outdoor use, prescription or standard, you will find something that fits your needs and all in a multitude of sexy styles.


  • Multitude of styles of lenses and frames to choose from
  • Variety of price points and purchasing options including used Gunnars
  • Decreased dry eye and eye strain
  • Sharper focus and contrast with all viewing sources
  • Durable and long lasting

Pete's Gunnars


  • Pricey, these are not your Target or Wal-Mart cheapo glasses
  • Effects much more notable for those doing a lot with digital monitors
  • They do not turn you into Adam Jensen from Deus Ex

Ultimately the decision to purchase the Gunnar glasses comes down to need and peace of mind.

Do you need to make life easier on your eyes?

The answer to this might not always be yes and it comes down to lifestyle. Much like the NFL player benefits more from Gatorade than the guys weekend league, a professional gamer, film editor or graphic designer is probably going to benefit more from a set of Gunnar glasses than someone such as myself. That being said, in this digital era it is becoming more and more difficult for our eyes to keep up. Gunnars are there in a natural and unobtrusive way, making it easier for you to concentrate on what you’re doing without worrying about your eyes.

The Gunnar website is highly informative on the problems that they are trying to address as well as the great solutions that their specially engineered specs offer, not to mention a wealth of other information that the tech savvy consumer will love. They can be found on Amazon for $76 and I highly recommend checking them out.

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