Seidio ACTIVE and ACTIVE with Metal Kickstand Review

During our site design refresh, we’ve been actively working on reviews and other coverage for our readers. We have for you today a review of two brand new Seidio cases: Seidio ACTIVE and ACTIVE with Metal Kickstand. These are both similar cases, with the second having, well, a metal kickstand to allow for hands-free-propped-up goodness. Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of these hot and fresh cases from Seidio.

Let’s start with the base ACTIVE case. It’s a two-piece design containing a soft silicone like “glove” that fits over the phone. You could compare this to the popular soft-case with a slippery-yet-rubbery feel. However, this has a thinner design than the usual stand-alone soft-touch case as Seidio advertises (only 2.2mm!).

Once you have this snuggly on the phone, you put the second half, or the plastic “Arachnid design of the exoskeleton” over the silicone case. The idea behind this design is a slim overall case that allows for an active lifestyle while also providing you with the drop protection that you want while on the go.

The inner silicone case fits nicely and easily over the iPhone 5. We had no trouble slipping it over the phone and all of the ports aligned well without any adjustment needed. Matter-of-fact, you could use this inner-shell as a soft-touch case all by itself if you wanted to. It is a little flimsy around the screen edge, but I wouldn’t take points off as it’s designed to be used with the exoskeleton which stiffens the edges up nicely eliminating this problem.

Besides, coming in at only 2.2mm as a full package, there’s no reason not to use the hard-outer plastic. Applying the hard plastic outside is just as easy as putting on the first layer – effortless. The soft silicone has grooves shaped into it to help you align the plastic outer piece. Once snapped together the case feels considerably stronger and sturdier as one would expect. However, it doesn’t seem any bulkier which we definitely liked.

Once all together, it feels like a solid case. I wouldn’t hesitate to drop this thing onto the floor from a few feet. One small trick that I found while using this case has to do with the typical table-slip preference users have. While on it’s back on a table, the hard plastic causes the case to be “table-slippery” (it can move around easily on the table surface because the plastic backing isn’t grippy). However, if you’re not into that you can simply flip the phone over so the screen side is facing down on the table – this makes for a good grip while still protecting the screen with the small sections of hard plastic that wrap-around to the front of the case. Definitely a cool feature I haven’t seen in many other cases.

Speaking of cool features, let’s move on to the ACTIVE with Metal Kickstand case. As you can tell by the title, it’s an ACTIVE case that features a kickstand for standing your iPhone 5 up nicely at work or wherever you may be. This makes the night-stand alarm clock apps very intriguing to us, as without a way to stand the phone up nicely wherever we go what’s the point? Having the phone up while at work was also nice, making less pocket-reaching or phone-grabbing to see the screen necessary while in some heavy work. It also helps to avoid the issue where we sometimes couldn’t feel the phone vibrate – or hear it go off while working with headphones. The stand alleviated this issue because we could now clearly see the phone light up and preview the message immediately.


The stand does come at a cost, there’s a slight thickness increase as one would expect and it’ll tag on another $5 at MSRP price. However, it does provide for a nice grip-point when holding the phone and doesn’t snag on a pocket when carrying it around. The kickstand itself is, well, metal and includes a very nice magnet and spring-loaded action making flipping this thing out actually fun.

All in all, these are two good quality cases in the $30-$40 MSRP price range from Seidio. The Metal Kickstand will run you about $5 more and we think it’s worth it if you find yourself at a desk all day and not wanting to have to grab your phone every time you think you might have gotten an incoming text or call. The ACTIVE is a sturdy case with decent drop protection – nothing for the screen but the back is solid and corners are covered. The kickstand is a nice addition giving some more functionality to otherwise bulk that any case would add. Coming in at 2.2mm however (without kickstand) is a welcome specification as well.

t3chniq verdict: Buy if you are in the market for a case and want something minimal but with some protection from the elements