SEIDIO ACTIVE for iPad 2 and New iPad Review

Have you been looking for a new case for your iPad 2? Yeah, so was I, and we just so happened to be checking out, along with some other SEIDIO products, the SEIDIO ACTIVE case for the iPad 2.  SEIDIO pitches the ACTIVE Line as  “a lightweight and portable carrying solution for mobile professionals.” After reading that, my ears perked up; I am a mobile professional looking for a lightweight and portable carrying solution for my iPad 2.

Did SEIDIO succeed and live up to their sales pitch? Read on to find out more.


SEIDIO has always made sure that they provide ample protection to your device – we’ve given the CONVERT big points on this –and the ACTIVE line is no different. One of the issues I have had with some protective cases is that they are either too bulky (CONVERT), or they are made of a material that ultimately scratches up my iPad; SEIDIO has addressed both of these issues with the ACTIVE.

Just like the CONVERT, the ACTIVE case is a combination of 3 pieces that fully surround your iPad, two for the iPad itself, and one as a cover.  In order to ensure that the iPad is not scratched up while in the case, the inner piece of the case is a seemingly standard silicone cover, but on further inspection, you’ll notice some pretty absurd looking cutouts.

These cutouts are actually where the second piece comes into play. The second piece is a hard shell that clips right around those cutouts and form a great protection system for the iPad.


I normally keep a Smart Cover on my iPad, and sadly, this is not compatible with it. Don’t worry; SEIDIO has graciously included a fantastic cover that simply works better than the Smart Cover. The cover is a bit odd looking at first glance, but I assure you it is well worth it. First, the cover makes a fantastic connection to the iPad, providing firm attachments at plenty of locations along the case. If you flip the cover over, you’ll notice a soft pad inside. With a bit of effort, the pad pivots to reveal a nice height-adjustable inclining platform to rest the iPad on. The other side of the ACTIVE fits snugly into the lid at any angle, and it is perfectly sturdy enough for even the most grueling game of Angry Birds Space. 



The SEIDIO ACTIVE Case is certainly a far more substantial case than what I normally use on my iPad. However, it has also fully replaced my typical setup of a TPU case and a Smart Cover. Due to its height-adjustable platform, I am able to be more effective on my iPad. Not every task is best performed at the same angle (don’t tell the Smart Cover), and having the height adjustment is perfect.

Summary and Features 

The ACTIVE case is certainly well made, and I truly feel as though my iPad could survive a (very) small drop with the case on (although I strongly advise against trying).  The versatility will make a lot of people happy for the money, but the bulk may still put some people off. 

– Lightweight case at 3.5 oz
– Interior casing made from highly durable and shock-absorbing polymer
– Includes multi-purpose cover that protects the device’s screen when not in use and also transforms into a device stand
– Built-in stand allows for up to 15 different viewing angles in landscape and portrait orientation
– Bottom of stand includes non-slip pads to prevent movement when in use

Price: $59.95 from SEIDIO, or $50 from Amazon

t3chniq’s final verdict:  Great for the masses, but still a little bulky