Sideload Apps on Kindle Fire


Quick update on the Kindle Fire from! How to sideload apps on the new Kindle Fire. Read more to find out how!

1. Enable 3rd party apps from within the Kindle Fire’s settings menu.

2. Email yourself a dropbox apk (available on google)

3. Install Dropbox from which you can now install your uploaded apk’s.


To make apk’s from existing programs on your phone or other tablet:

1. Download either Titanium Backup (allows for more apks), ES File Explorer, or Astro Explorer onto your phone or other tablet (not the Kindle Fire).

If using ES or ASTRO:

2. Backup any installed application. This will place an APK in a folder such as “Backup” that you can browse to.

If using Titanium backup:

2. Backup any apps you’d like.

3. Go to the backups folder and then transfer the files to your computer.

4. Unzip the gz files with Winrar or the likes. Inside you will find an APK. If you don’t, try the next gz file with the same app in the filename.

5. Transfer to/install on the Kindle Fire.


Hopefully this little tips helps out some people. We have Netflix working just fine on our Kindle Fire. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks and an in-depth review here at!