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Pebble Smartwatch Sold Out

Well, the headline says it all, the immensely popular Kickstarter project is completely sold out after 85000 pre-orders and raising a remarkable, and Kickstarter record, 10 million dollars. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pebble, it is a nicely designed smartwatch with an E-Paper watch-face.

Instagram for Android OUT NOW!

  That’s right! Instagram for Android is finally out. The long awaited app (for Android users) has been released to the public. No review yet, but we’ll have one coming up. Apparently, a lot of people are complaining because of the large amount of crappy Android cameras out …

Rooting/Jailbreaking your device may not stay legal :-(

Base image from jailbreakandroid.org Some companies still believe that rooting/jailbreaking your device violates the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). As a user who does root devices and see great benefit by doing so – I have shown my support for keeping this legal. You should too by submitting …