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Google Maps for iOS Review

It’s here. Google Maps is back on iOS. Since the release of iOS 6, Google Maps has not been on any iOS devices, and Apple’s in-house solution was less than stellar. Google has not only replaced the missing functionality that was in iOS 5, but it has also …

Seidio ACTIVE and ACTIVE with Metal Kickstand Review

During our site design refresh, we’ve been actively working on reviews and other coverage for our readers. We have for you today a review of two brand new Seidio cases: Seidio ACTIVE and ACTIVE with Metal Kickstand. These are both similar cases, with the second having, well, a …

Pebble Smartwatch Sold Out

Well, the headline says it all, the immensely popular Kickstarter project is completely sold out after 85000 pre-orders and raising a remarkable, and Kickstarter record, 10 million dollars. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pebble, it is a nicely designed smartwatch with an E-Paper watch-face.

Splashtop Remote Desktop Sale

Splashtop remote desktop is on sale now in the AppStore (iOS). The app normally goes for $9.99 but is on sale now for $0.99, definitely worth it in our opinion. You can grab it here.

iOS Game of the Day: SpellTower

Zach Gage wants to beat Zynga and Rovio. No more Angry Birds, enough with Draw Something and down with Words With Friends. Zach has created a fantastic word puzzle game for the iOS that deserves your attention.