Tech Armor FlexProtect Case for iPhone 6 Review

TechArmor Flex Protect Featured
We have never reviewed a case from Tech Armor before on t3chniq, so when they offered to send me a case to check out I jumped at the opportunity. The case they sent over is the FlexProtect for iPhone 6. The FlexProtect line of cases are designed to both provide protection from scuffs and drops, but to also be lightweight. How do I like this case? Read on to find out.


The design of the flex protect case is pretty unique. Along the sides of the case are a flexible plastic which allows for the case to be held in with a gasket-type seal. All of the buttons are covered and molded in nicely, and the cutout around the mute switch is adequately sized. The back of the case is made of clear polycarbonate, which provides a nice viewing window so you can actually see the iPhone inside.
Dusty Flex Protect
This is a really cool concept, unfortunately in practice, this is terrible. Because the case uses a gasket-type seal on the edges, small bits of dust and pocket lint can get inside the case and since it is a clear case, all of this dust is visible. Tech Armor advertises that the clear back is both fingerprint and scratch resistant, and in my testing, that has held true. The FlexProtect comes in 2 colors, Space Grey and Clear (which looks white to me), both with a clear back.

Build Quality/Protection

The build quality of the FlexProtect is great. As far as I can tell the clear back is molded directly into the flexible sides, and the connection between the two materials is robust. From a protection standpoint, the FlexProtect is quite good.
Tech Armor Dark Shot
The case wraps around the sides with enough reveal to keep the screen off of whatever surface you put it on, the tradeoff being that you can no longer feel the rounded edges of the screen, a problem that seemingly all cases encounter. One worry that I had with the design of this case was that it might get stuck in my pocket. This turned out to be a non-issue. The sides of the case are not tacky at all. In fact, the sides are fairly slick. They aren’t so slick as to be an issue, but if you’re looking for something as grippy as the Apple Silicone Case, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Wrap Up

I am thoroughly satisfied with the FlexProtect. It is adequately protective, pretty cheap ($15 on Amazon) and looks decent. While I find the dust settling inside the case to be distracting, it hasn’t prevented me from using the case in pretty much all occasions.