Tip: Transfer Paper as cheaper/better Painter’s Tape

Next time you’re ready to head out to Home Depot or Lowes to grab some painters tape at it’s high prices (example @ Amazon) consider looking instead into Transfer Paper. In case you didn’t already know, this is the stuff you’ll find backing any decals you might buy on Etsy or some other “artsy” site. It sits above the decal non-stick portion and helps to align things such as cut vinyl lettering. The upside to this stuff is it’s relatively cheap.

You can purchase, for example, a 1.5″ by 100 yard (yes, YARDS) roll will run you about $3 not including shipping at a place such as USCutter. This is the stuff I’ve used in the past with Plasti-dipping various objects and for general masking, as well as it’s intended purpose with custom cut vinyl lettering that I made. It’s a little thinner than painter’s tape, so I would use caution and test it out before ruining an entire wall or other surface. It comes off easier than the painter’s tape, yet holds almost as well. My only words of caution would be: thoroughly try before you commit. At about $3 for a smaller roll, give it a try. The advantage to this stuff is that you can get it in much greater widths than painter’s tape: 6″ x 100 yards will run you about the same price as 1″ x 60 yard 4-pack from Amazon. Again, I can’t stress enough to test it out first before you ruin a project and blame me (who knows). This stuff might not handle soaking as well as painter’s tape, but I’ve used it in the past with spray paints, Plasti-dip, even ETCHING solution for glass and it’s held up just fine. Don’t forget to shop around and read some reviews to get an idea for what exact transfer-paper will work best for your needs. Hopefully this tip helps at least one person looking to get more efficiency out of their masking and save some time and money in the process.