TIPS & TRICKS – Save URL’s with Gmail for Quick On-The-Go Access

Although there are tons of bookmark syncing apps out there such as Delicious, sometimes you don’t want to have extra tabs open or just want quick access to your favorite urls while at work or on the go. One simple tool that many of you Gmail users have right in front of you but might not notice is the Drafts feature. Yes, an age old feature of email systems, Drafts is often overlooked for how useful it is. Here’s an example of saving website addresses while at work or on the go that you can access easily from your smartphone Gmail app or other device without having to open additional apps or websites.

Here’s the process (simple steps now, everyone):

Step 1: Fire up Gmail, whether that be on your computer, iphone, smartphone, via telephone while talking to a surrogate user who is doing it for you, or whatever on earth you are doing to access Gmail.

Step 2: Fill out the Subject and Body of the “Email”. Use helpful Subject lines so you can identify what exactly is contained in that email later on when you’re staring at 100 Drafts that you created but never cleaned up (you know who you are!). Go ahead and fill in the body of the email with either a list of things, urls, pictures, whatever you please.

Step 3: Once finished, go ahead and hit the “Save Now” button. That was pretty easy wasn’t it?

You can access all these various Drafts down in the- wait for it- DRAFTS FOLDER! Hurray buddy! No but really, that’s where they’ll be.

There you have it, a simple, minimalist, on-the-go solution for storing content for later. Yeah it’s sort of “Mickey-Mouse” but we’ve found it to be very helpful when you are in a rush and don’t want to log in to additional services or fumble around with switching apps on a smartphone. Best of all, if you ever want to send one of the drafts out (Think Christmas Lists!), just fill in the “To:” field and hit send, simple as that!

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