Ultrabooks Galore at CES

As another day of CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) comes to a close, more and more manufacturers have brought forth their latest and greatest ultra-portable laptops, the Ultrabook. For those of you who don’t know what exactly a Ultrabook is, the Ultrabook is essentially the PC version of a MacBook Air. This is not to say that they are copies, but it is the best analogy I can come up with. An Ultrabook is super-thin, power efficient laptop, typically with a 13″ or 14″ display and an Ultra Low Voltage (READ: less powerful) chipset. The Ultrabook is also helping to bring the SSD into mainstream computing, and expanding the use of Gorilla Glass to the laptop market. I personally have been drooling over all of the recent systems from HP, Sony, and Dell, and if it wasn’t for using Intel’s integrated graphics (damn you 3-D Design work!) I would most certainly buy one of these systems. I’m sure as more and more of these computers are released, a good old-fashioned spec war will ensue, and we will one day have immensely powerful Ultrabooks, a guy can dream, right?

Source: The Verge