Upcoming Review: iTwin – A Networking Guru in a Stick

It’s probably happened to us all at one point; You have your big paper due this afternoon and you need to just touch up the final draft… but wait! You didn’t copy the file onto your flash drive! Or maybe your buddy happened to acquire, through entirely reputable means, that new PC game you really want to play, but your puny flash drive just cant handle the file. Whatever the specifics, the fact of the matter is you have probably wanted either more data storage at our fingertips or access to a file that’s inconveniently back at home or the office.

There is of course the ubiquitous ‘cloud’, or remote access software, but the former often comes with subscription fees, and the latter can be effective but takes some effort that many just aren’t interested in. So if neither of those options work for you, you’re more or less out of luck, right? Well, Not necessarily… and in steps the iTwin to show us how we’ve been doing it wrong.

We stumbled across this gem in the last few days, and in principle we pretty much fell in love with it. We haven’t gotten hands on with the product yet but potentially have one coming, and in anticipation of getting a closer look we wanted to share what we do know with you, our loyal viewer.

UPDATE: read the full review here!


The iTwin looks similar to the flash drive you already have, although it curiously has a USB plug on both sides. There are actually two halves connected (pictured together above); one of which you plug into the computer you wish to access, and one that you take with you to be plugged into any other computer. Once you have connected both pieces, the iTwin opens a secure, encrypted connection  (AES 256-bit) that not only offers password protection, but requires the added physical security of needing the other half of the iTwin to gain access to the storage computer (which can be deactivated remotely if you lose it). You can then enjoy the ability to download, upload, backup and edit files at your leisure.

This is basically a more streamlined version of using a SCP software package. This was pointed out to me by a few buddies of mine who make their living connecting computers. The key difference here is this product makes this kind of connectivity accessible to your average (and maybe below average) tech user; hence the ‘Network Guru in a Stick’.

I like to think of the iTwin as two quantum entangled halves of sorts. Only instead of quantum states they share your files, and instead of abstract physics, it runs on the internet… but I digress. Like I said, we’re expecting to get our hands on one of these in the near future so check back soon for a full review of the iTwin, complete with some more detailed comparisons to your other options (and maybe a better analogy).

UPDATE: read the full review here!