**UPDATE** Skullcandy Mix Masters – A Triumphant Return? Nope…

I reviewed these headphones for you a few months ago, and for the most part I had good things to say. The return of Skullcandy’s foray into quality audio was going well for me; I got my new Mix Masters, I listened to some dope beats (Jethro Tull is PHAT, yo), and my ears were frolicking in auditory bliss.  You may recall that I was admittedly skeptical as to whether or not the build quality had increased since my first pair broke, and the product line mysteriously vanished…

But I gave Skullcandy the benefit of the doubt and moved on. Besides, I had been using my new pair for a month or two, and they weren’t showing any sign of breaking.

Boy, was I wrong…

To be fair, my pair hasn’t completely broken yet, but they are DAMN close. Cracks have developed along the head band in four locations, and are slowly spreading across the width of the band.

The cracks started out as just small stress fractures at the very edge of the headband, and progressively grew bigger with continued use. At this point, I’m just waiting for critical failure every time I go to put the set on… ever so tenderly. And just so you see how far the cups are spread in the pictures above:

The 6″ span (cup to cup) there is not excessive; when the pair are on my head they generally span 6 inches. Also, I generally slide the headphones on as opposed to spreading them wide to clear my ears, so really these pair never stretch beyond probably 7″.

 Worst of all, this is not an unknown issue. Headband failure was widely reported in reviews that used to be available on Skullcandy’s Mix Master product page, which was reset for the new production run. The old product page had a number of rather… colorful accounts of the customer disappointment in a $300 pair of headphones snapping  in half a few months after purchase. Only months into this new production run, reviews are again showing up with this issue (mine included).

Ultimately, it’s disappointing that ANOTHER Mix Master is going down the tubes. The line pumps quality audio, but no headset – especially one retailing at nearly $300 – is worth  less than a 6 month lifespan… Thankfully Skullcandy’s RMA policy appears to reflect the high incidence of failure, but still… I don’t want to be RMA’ing my cans twice a year or more.

Revised t3chniq Verdict: DO NOT BUY

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