Verizon Brings 4GLTE to a Home Near You (Well maybe…)

Verizon Wireless announced today that it is beginning to roll out its new HomeFusion Broadband service inlimited markets. The HomeFusion is a 4GLTE based service that offers an alternative to wired broadband or their own FiOS service. HomeFusion is not meant to replace other wired broadband services but rather is offered mainly to people who cannot access other forms of broadband internet.

The HomeFusion system consists of an antenna mounted on the exterior of the house and can handle up to 4 wired ethernet and 20 wireless connections simultaneously. Speeds are the typical 5-12 Mbps Down and 2-5 Mbps Up. The cost for this new service is $59.99 for a paltry 10GB of data allowance plus $199 for the device itself. In addition, the initial test market will consist of Birmingham, AL, Dallas, TX and Nashville, TN.

Unless you have no other way to get broadband internet in your home, we recommend you wait for other options to come about in the coming months.