Verizon Data Outage – Did the Internets Run Out? *UPDATE*

It appears that LTE is back up and running in the greater Boston market. It is also being reported that the outage has been resolved nationwide, but nothing directly from Verizon at this time.

Verizon is such a tease. First they finally bring LTE to my market, and then not a week later they’ve taken it away.

Verizon’s LTE data services appears to be MIA this morning, and if the buzz online is any indication it is looking like a nationwide outage. Over at CNET, they’re reporting second hand a statement from Verizon customer service that the LTE network is indeed down nationally, with no ETA for repair. There are also reports that the LTE outage is affecting connectivity with 3G service, which I experienced as well. I was able to connect to 3G by disabling LTE, but otherwise I was only able to access the speed-of-rickshaw 1x service. Users I’ve talked to who don’t have LTE capable phones have been oblivious to the outage, so that adds credence to the reports.

This of course follows an outage earlier this month, but not one on this scale,. Now I suppose we wait to see what Verizon has to say, if anything.

Source: CNET