Word Crush for Android

Being the resident Android developer here at t3chniq I figure I would point out my word game Word Crush.  It is a simple word game designed to help you pass the time.  The basic game play is that you get 6 letters to use to create as many 3-6 letter words as you can.

I started working on this app shortly after my daughter was born.  As you may or may not know, once a child is born they will spend a LOT of time nursing.  They also like to close their eyes and slightly nod off a bit too.  To help my wife pass the time I wrote this app for her.  She loves word games so this was perfect!  As I was developing the app, I would send her the apk file and she would spend plenty of time finding bugs for it and giving me suggestions on how to make it better.  I got a friend to help with the graphics (since I am lacking in skill in that category) and then once it was stable and at a point where I was happy with the feature set, I released it to the market.  I will be slowly continuing development with it to add more features like sound effects, more game types, and possibly wifi multiplayer.  If that takes off then perhaps I will start up a server so friends can play when on different networks.

So give it a shot if you would like!  Let me know what you think in the comments – or review it yourself on the market!